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Backlash on CEOs Jet Use May Hurt Aviation Industry

Ok, it wasn’t so smart for the CEOs of the automakers to fly to Washington on their pricey corporate jets.  However, the subsequent backlash about the use of private aviation will end up doing what Congress is trying to avoid: cost jobs.

While the guy (or gal) in the back of the plane may earn millions a year, the guys (or gals) in the cockpit do not.  They, like the groundcrews and flight department managers, are just regular folks.  As major corporations already cut back their use of private planes, any further pressure will simply lead to quicker unraveling of the industry.  The NBAA is correct when it asserts that business aviation is important not just for businesses, but for the communities those aviation companies serve.  The employees of a flight department eat at the local deli, shop in the neighborhood, and generally spend money in the community.

As Congress and the President hand out billions of our money, we have every right to make sure the money isn’t being used for unneccesary luxary.  But let’s not bailout one industry and sacrifice another.


(ed note: Andrew is a partner in an air taxi company)

2 Responses to “Backlash on CEOs Jet Use May Hurt Aviation Industry”

  1. I was glad that the ceo's showed up in washington via there own jets..It sure saved the disruption of an allready ticking time bomb in the airport. the co-motion and upset people probabley would have caused a security crises if some one would have recocnized any of the ceo's. they are a few of the most hated by many because of there POOR decision makeing and everyone else is haveing to take the heat. I have to pay taxs when know that this miss use is were a big part is going to fund. I would have a hard time keeping my mouth shut if i reconized these guys.

  2. I think a big part of the problem is that corporations are not explaining to the public the importance of using business jets. If they showed how using these jets help with jobs, commerce, taxes, etc., it could help reverse the backlash. I blogged about this very topic at

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