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Overcoming Stalls

Practicing stalls can either be a walk in the park for students or for some fears arise at the mention of the word. The fact of the matter is we must learn to practice stalls so we can practice recoveries not getting into a stall!

First off what is a stall?

Many new pilots first think of a stall as something to do with the engine. Nothing could be further from the truth. When we perform stalls in the airplane we're creating an "aerodynamic stall" In other words: The smooth air that was flowing over our wing generating lift has now been disturbed thus creating a sudden loss of lift and cause the airplane to temporally fall a few feet.

Are stalls scary?

They really aren't! Anytime we practice stall recoveries we always conduct them at altitudes safe enough to allow for proper recovery. The sudden pitch down attitude tends to leave students with a sour taste. However with time you'll quickly learn how your airplane handles and reacts under this circumstances and performing stall will be an easy experience.

So why do we practice stalls?

Airplane StallTwo main reasons (several sub reasons) The first is on takeoff known as the power on stall. Imagine you just took off your airspeed is fairly slow and you pitch up on climb out too much? You're low and slow not a good combination. This scenario may result in a stall. Yet with a proper recovery you can easily fly away no problem.

Secondly, picture yourself coming into land. This is know as the power off stall. You've got your flaps down. Your airspeed is low enough for landing then here comes the runway and you "flare" or pitch up to much. This too could result in a stall.


Stalls can be a bit nerve wrenching at first but don't sweat it. Curious about what stalls look like and proper recovery from them check out my video on Power On Stalls Here.

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  1. Hello,
    I do not like the scary rollercoaster feeling you get on a drop but yet i love flying and I would love to become a pilot. What do you think stalls will be like and at which lesson (1,2,3,etc.). Thank you for your time. -Chris

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