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Wind, Wind, and More Wind

Saturday was supposed to be a nice calm day.  One where Dana and I could work on some light crosswind landings and maybe even get me up in the air solo.  Although I am bummed I didn’t get to get to solo, it was definitely the right decision.  I got to the airport around nine ready to work out some crosswind landings but instead got a nasty surprise.  Leaving my house the winds were not very strong but by the time I got out to Westosha, they were gusting to at least 60 mph.  It also didn’t help that there was a low-level wind shear throwing the wind all around.  For those who don’t know, a wind shear occurs when two masses of air with different temperatures (the warm, southerly wind was creating turbulence with the Wisconsin cold air) collide.  This causes turbulence which in turn causes the wind to change speed and direction often and suddenly.  An airplane will get knocked all around by a wind shear, and if low enough, can actually push the airplane straight into the ground.  We decided to try a few crosswinds just to see how it goes.  If I remember correctly, we shot about 3 landings (with quite a bit of effort) and decided to save the landings for another day.  Those 3 landings were the hardest I’ve worked at flying.  It was a real challenge to keep the airplane going straight towards the runway  and keep the nose pointing straight down the runway.  It is a lot harder than you think.  After assessing the the wind was just too much, we decided to work on “hood work” (flying the airplane only looking at the instruments).  While working on the hood work, we also covered VOR navigation.  Explaining how VORs work is a whole other post in itself.  We tracked a vor all the way to Kenosha airport and then back to Westosha.  It was not to difficult of a task.  We shot the last landing of the day then tied down the aircraft.  The last crosswind was all me and surprisingly, I didn’t do too bad.  Of course it was a little bit of a bouncer but not too bad overall.  I’m going up again next Saturday to hopefully hammer out some crosswind greasers and maybe even to solo.  Thanks for Reading!!!

-Evan Krueger-

4 Responses to “Wind, Wind, and More Wind”

  1. Wow that sounds intense Evan! Landings are hard enough for me, and I don't have that much crazy wind! Awesome work, and stick with it.


  2. Thank you very much Lauren. I will definitely be sticking with it. Haha. Aviation is an addiction for sure. Once you get a taste of what flying is really like, it is impossible to quit.

  3. I totally agree. I started in June and whenever I get busy and go a week without flying I go through serious withdrawal haha. It is so much fun and I'm glad you enjoy it too!

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