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Stage Check? Wowww.

Hey everyone. How' s it going? I learned something new the other day about flying that I was not expecting to have to do: Write. My instructor "surprised" me one day with the Stage Check Packet consisting of a several papers of information I had to know and fill out before I could solo. WHOA, WHAT IS THIS?! I was completely thrown off when I found out I had more paperwork to do! But you know what? Really the only intimidating part was the length. Once I dug into the work, it wasn't bad at all. It asked basic questions about the airplane itself and maneuvers too. I knew most of them and was allowed the option of using the AIM books and the Cessna-172 handbook, so that helped a lot. I could also ask my instructor if I was absolutely clueless and she helped explain it in an easier way. I learned a lot from reviewing and filling out the Stage Check AND it will take me on step closer to soloing.   :) I am so excited and neither cold weather or this "scary" Stage Check will stop me from charging through to soloing day.

Thanks again for everyone's advice, keep it coming!

Happy Flying!

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  1. Actually, 'cold weather' is good for flying. MUCH calmer air than with the warm air in Summer.
    I fly in the mountains and in summer time it often is not much fun traversing a mountain ridge and being thrown up and about for sometimes 100's of feet ! So my favorite time is with the snow on the runway, skis extended and that typical tremendous visibility you can only have in cold crisp mountain air ! :-)

  2. That's really cool Lauren! I'm right at that spot as well. How many hours do you have at the moment?

  3. Well I am very glad to hear you say that flying in the cold is easier, because it looks like I am going to be doing a lot of it! I am so excited though, I have never been the pilot in command when there was some snow flurries, so I can't wait, thank you! I'll keep you posted and keep the tips coming :)

    EvanK, hey how are you? And thank you, It's been the most amazing experience so far. How about for you? But I have about 30 hours as of my last flight. How many do you have?

  4. I've been doing great thanks. How about yourself? Flying has been my life for the past two years; no doubt about that. As of December 20, I've got just under 16 hours.

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