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Sky: No Limits!

100_3575I DID IT!

 It has been a while since I last blogged my progress with my flight training. I did a lot of training in the month of July including simulated instrument training and finishing up my cross country flight requirements. Also, my CFI and I did PTS prep for about three hours.

The checkride was set for July 29, 2009. I felt very ready for it. However, I will say that I was nervous about the oral portion.  As a result, the oral portion of the PTS was the most difficult part, but I managed to prove my knowledge of the flight rules according to the FAR. The in-flight portion of my checkride was easy because I knew my skill level was higher than average for a student pilot. As soon as the examiner and I landed for completion of the checkride, the examiner immediately wrote a note as I parked the airplane in big letters, “YOU PASSED!” 

 Thus, I am proud to announce that I earned my Private Pilot Certificate! It was a challenge overcomer and dream come true for me that day. It will be a day I will never forget. I have always wanted to be at the controls of an aircraft; ever since I was little when I watched airplanes take off and land at airports.  A day after I passed the checkride, I took my girlfriend up in the air for the first time. It was such a good flight to Chehalem Airpark (0S5). We went there for a dinner picnic at the airport where it was surrounded with trees and picnic tables. It was very nice and a good experience for both of us. I am excited to be able to fly in the Northwest with my family and friends. In fact, my dad and a couple of friends let me fly them around in the 172 last month. It sure feels good to have people trust me as I am the pilot in command. Not just pilot in command, but also because I am Deaf. I do not care if I can hear or not, all I care is that I can prove to people and the FAA that I can do anything and be safe. The next step for my flying endeavors will be IFR training and tailwheel training. I want to get as many ratings and certifications as possible, so I am taking it one step at a time. Instrument rating is next. Also, I met a CFI who knows sign language and is willing to train and sign me off for tailwheel flying. I am looking forward to it as I start soon. This is all for now. I will keep you updated on my progress and accomplishments. Thank you!

The picture above was after the checkride. Tom, the examiner, on the left and Wayne, my CFI, on the right.

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  1. Congrats on passing your check ride! Enjoy the privledges that come with it, continue to learn and fly safe!

  2. Don't really knowing what to say for starter! I guess I'm nervous and exciting at same time.

    This is mark speaking through email. Don't asked me why I am interesting becoming pilot but perhaps it due to showing too many interesting in plane and how they fly what a clever technology system in co-pilot. I loves seeing plane take off and landing.
    It makes me feel that I just want to get inside and fly the plane but for many years I keep putting off due cos of the company and etc will laugh and saying nah deaf can't do it.... That is where I'm still search Internet for training and it hard to find cos of deaf barrier is too high!

    I want to getting starting before I getting old and too late! Also your site said that you know few place would willing to accept taken on deaf only if the deaf can speaking and good lip reading..... Does that mean that they can possible to take me on board cos I'm profoundly deaf and wearing cochlear implant and also wearing normal hearing aids on the other side of my ears. I'm the only deaf person in my whole family so I spend mostly of my time speaking and lots of hearing people see me as pity and not let me go upper level to challenge career. As well you know when they see a person with hearing aids or cochlear implant it automatic rejecting. I knew that already but then and now I feel it time for myself to stand up and proof UK or World wrong that not all deaf can and can't do what they want in dream. Sorry for myself keep rubble on on.....

    What I'm saying is that is there a training that can teach me step by step what ever it take!!

    Looking forward to your reply

    Kindness regards


  3. Second sorry for not saying must be lovely to enjoy flying with beautiful sight seeing above cloud!!

    Good luck with others course & get in there passed it the way am from united kingdom (UK) UK & European must be harder than in USA! Too many confusing rules!!

    Kindness regards


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