Your connection with the sky

Spreading the Word About Flying

Pilots  will tell you that people love to hear about flying.  Mention it at a party or in the office, and you're sure to get : "How long have you been flying?"; "What do you fly?"; "Where do you fly too."; and the best one, "Can you take me sometime?"

We're all evangilists for general aviation and it's important that we highlight all the benefits of learning to fly-- whether it's for the adventure, the accomplishment, or the ability to travel to far off places without relying on commercial transportation.

So what will I write about on these pages?  As a Private Pilot, I'll focus on the recreational aspects of flying.  This will include the short-hop destinations, light sport flying, and new things I learn.  As an attorney, I'll provide the occasional post about legal aspects of flying, especially when an interesting legal issue arises (though I'll never provide advice).  As someone with experience with Special Issuance medicals, I might comment on medical issues from time to time. 

I'll always be writing from a personal perspective and the opinions are only mine.  I'll welcome your thoughts too.  I don't expect you to always agree with me.  But my goal is to keep readers interested in aviation and get them to think about how they can grow within this unique passion we share.


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