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How’s Everyone Doing?

Hello everyone!  Let me start off by saying how happy I am to be blogging for AOPA and  Both are awesome resources for pilots, student pilots, and people interested in learning to fly.  Let me start of with my name.  My name is Evan Krueger and I am a student pilot.  I am a sophomore at a high school just a little North West of Chicago, Illinois.  Aviation is my number one passion in life by far.  I love the feeling of traveling in three dimensions.  The nirvana achieved a few thousand feet above the surface is indescribable.  Anyways, I train out of Westosha Airport [5K6] in Wilmot, Wisconsin.  A lot of people ask me why I travel (if you can call a 45 minute drive traveling) to go flying.  The number one constricting factor for training, in my case, is money.  I have a very supportive family, but flying is expensive.  With Westosha being a non-for-profit flying club, I can train for a lot cheaper than a lot of other flight schools in my area.  Plus the people at Westhosa are awesome.  Dana is my instructor there and he is an outstanding guy.  He does everything from teaching me how to fly, to giving me free flight time.  He really is a great guy.

A little bit about my background training: I have logged 10.7 hours total.  Before moving to Westosha this November, I trained at Blue Skies Flight School in Lake in the Hills, Illinois [3CK].  I got 6.3 hours there in a Piper Warrior.  When I traded over to Westosha, I trained in Cessna 152's.  I have about 4.4 hours in the Cessnas.  In my opinion, the 152's perform better; they are more agile and easier to control.  SO far I've flown 9 lessons and logged a total of 31 landings.  According to Dana, I'm not too far away from solo, so that should be exciting.  Some of you may alternately know me as The Flying Toga.  For those who don't, I also keep a blog at  Although, I won't be blogging there as much, I have kept records of my past lessons.  So if you're ever curious on what I've done in the past, just head over there and enjoy.

The main goal of my posts are to show everyone just what learning to fly is like.  I try my best to describe everything I do both in non-pilot vocabulary, while also keeping those who fly in the know of exactly whats going on.  I feel that I'm hear as a representation of student pilots to help explain just how challenging, fun, and rewarding it is to become a pilot.  If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to ask via e-mail (  I will do my best to explain them either right back or on the blog here.  I love teaching concepts to other people because it helps me to learn too.  I look forward to writing for everyone.  Thanks for reading!!!

-Evan Krueger-

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  1. Evan, I am new to AOPA's blog, but reading yours kinda took me back to a time in high school when I was working on my license. I was never the most popular kid in school and was by no means a jock, but it was a cool feeling to know that I was the only licensed pilot in my school (faculty included) my senior year. Keep it up! Good luck to you.

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