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Flying it Forward

March was a fun aviation month for me! I did a lot of flying, attended the Women in Aviation Conference in Nashville and even better, I got to introduce quite a few women in my local area to general aviation. Women of Aviation Worldwide Week was held March 4 through March 10 and my home airport, Frederick Airport, participated in a contest called Women Fly it Forward. The goal was to earn the title of “Most Female Friendly Airport” by flying the largest number of women and girls during the week. Tallies are still being made to see who has won, but I can tell you that just being a part of the international event was a blast and really helped to solidify why I love to fly and why I love to instruct.  

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The first day of the week I flew 5 women. The winds were starting to get gusty and I became concerned about how my first time passengers would take some of the bumps that the gusts created during the flight. On the ground before we took off, I made sure to explain to my buy viagra no prescription passengers how and why the bumps happened. Since the goal of these flights are to share the joy of aviation and build future pilots and friends of the airport, I also let them know that if at any time they felt uncomfortable and were no longer having fun, to let me know right away, so that we could head back to the airport and land. It turns out all 5 women had no problem with the occasional bumps during the flight. We got to fly over the city and near Harper Ferry National Park. They all loved it and left the airport with big smiles. It is a great feeling knowing that you helped add adventure to someone’s day and gave them buy cheap viagra a new experience. The letters, emails, and photos I’ve received since Women of Aviation Week from our passengers have put a permanent smile on my face and wonderful memories in my heart.

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Even though we had to cancel two days of flying because of weather, snow, and winds, overall it looks like the pilots of Frederick Airport flew over 300 girls and women during the week! Even if we don’t win the official “Most Female Friendly Airport” title, I think we did our job and I know we had fun doing it. Another reason why I LOVE being a pilot!

On Saturday, I helped AOPA's President, Craig Fuller, fly women and girls in a Cessna Caravan.

We had perfect flying weather on Saturday. My mom (left) even came out to volunteer.

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  1. Brittney,

    Congratulations on your participation in this event. It was a very worthwhile and successful effort. At Toronto Buttonville airport we flew over 330 girls and women in one day, with about 18 participating planes and pilots, and created a lot of those smiles too. My little Archer II carried 30 of those first timers in 10 flights that day. Lots of smiles, and maybe a budding commercial pilot or two. :)

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