Your connection with the sky

Full of Firsts!

Hello again! Wednesday the 5th was an absolutly amazing day in the air for me! I finally nailed the traffic pattern by myself. My instructor Michal sat back and she let me do the work. I took off down the runway and climbed about 500ft. Then I turned crosswind, downwind, base and final. I made all the radio calls, took care of the flaps and maintained the airspeed/altitude. It was completely thrilling! My instructor is great; she's taught me so much and she was very pleased with my accomplishment. But the best part was the landing. In order to solo, I need to perfect the landing. Now I turn 16 on November 16th(ha!) so this is crucial. And I FINALLY did it on my own on Wednesday. I was so extremely happy! Flying is one of the best activities ever because you are constantly achieving a goal, and I love it!

So, now all I have to do it critique my landings then hopefully I'll be soloing here soon! I'll keep you posted!


Happy flying!

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