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Now I Know Why I Love the Air

I have learned so much as a student pilot in the past three months of flying. Flying has now become my passion, my priority, and some may even call it an obsession, but hey that's okay, because I absolutely LOVE it! My instructor Michal and I have worked on so many different maneuvers and lessons and I just can't get enough. So far we've done preflight(which I can do by myself now!), slow flight, power on and off stalls, recovery from those, traffic patterns, touch-and-goes and go-arounds. I enjoy them all. I even have 17.2 hours logged as of now! Plus, Michal and I always have the best times up in the air; she makes learning really fun for me. That's why finding a good instructor is very important.

I discovered though, that with all the craziness from school, cross-country, friends, family etc, flying just clears my mind and puts my head in the clouds for once.(ha!) My peers often get jealous of me, in a playful way of course, and always want to know all about my lessons, which I gladly share with them. I am so glad my dad and I decided I should start taking lessons because I have now figured out why I truly love the air.


Happy Flying!

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  1. I am truly envious of you! I sure remember those first several weeks / months. Study hard, listen to your instructor, and believe your instruments!!

    Fly Safe,

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