Your connection with the sky

Don’t Panic

Everyone is nervous about the recent downturn in the airline industry. Airlines are seeing furloughs, layoffs, and slow downs in operations. It all sounds very frightening; and for some people (those being furloughed and laid off) it’s down right depressing.

The industry is in self-preservation mode. It may seem dire, but the tough decisions CEO’s are making right now will likely save more jobs than the numbers that were lost in the process. Airlines can simply operate themselves into bankruptcy, unless things change.

While it looks like doom and gloom now, this shift to saving companies will actually bode well for the future aviators beginning flying lessons today. A college student beginning a freshman semester this fall is likely to see five years of training and time building before they are marketable as a pilot. With the cyclical tendency of the aviation industry, five years will be the turning point, if not the full-blown industry upswing.
When companies like American reduce flights and some airlines close their doors all together, the future supply of flights will no longer meet the ever-growing demand of the public. This sets the stage for fair increases for passengers, pay increases for employees, and overall aviation industry growth. This particular industry cycle is timed perfectly for the benefit of High School Graduates of today.

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