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May 9th, Leadfoot's email to his instructor

May 9th, 2012 (email to my instructor)

I felt way more comfortable today. Not that I wasn't Monday, but something was different today, and not just the air, although I'm sure that didn't hurt. I was much lighter on the foot pedals today which really helped, but I do need to remember what you said, and alternate between them, instead of stomping on both of them. That was actually a very helpful buy viagra us bit of information find no rx viagra as I was feeling like I had to be on those things at all times. Lightening up on the feet and learning how to alternate better really helped...and ironically, felt more like the first couple of times we went up when I wasn't thinking about it all so much. You may need to remind me a couple more times before I get it.

That's the thing with me, just so you know, you may have to repeat yourself a lot, and that's really ok with me, that's how I learn, that's why I also thought that recording these interactions and lessons somehow could be really helpful. I'm just the kind of guy that would put that on my iPod and listen to it over and over, climb, level off, reduce throttle, adjust trim, hold it at 65, start your turn…so much of it seems to be about timing, and timing is something I think you can learn at least in part, by listening.

Taxiing felt good today, and maneuvering the plane around on the ground felt much more comfortable, I think I'll get the hang of that fairly quickly, of course, I haven't tried it at 60mph yet.

Thanks for letting me practice the turns, 180s and 360s a bit today as well, it makes me so much more comfortable when I can commit those feelings and sensations to memory. Flying in the pattern was cool too, I really enjoyed that. I can see one needs a lot of practice at that particular aspect, and I really want to be comfortable with it. I have to say, I didn't actually know you were going to have me descend all the way down and into the final approach, maybe that was intentional on your part. It may have just been me not being clear on your intention, I thought we were just doing another practice run of sorts, but whatever the reason, I'm glad you did it, it was the first time I have flown that close to the ground and it was very cool.

I don't know what it was Monday, maybe the seat cushion, maybe the turbulence, maybe just the fact that I was paying a lot more attention to the instruments for the first time, maybe the trim adjustment you made...maybe the shoes I had on. I actually changed all of those things today, including the shoes. I do still feel heavy on the pedals so I don't know if I need to extend my reach a bit more or just get used to that position, guess we'll find out Friday.

Anyway, great flight today, thanks, looking forward to those stalls!


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