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Minor Set-Backs

Hello again! I'm back! And after two-and-a-half long weeks, I've learned something important about flight lessons. That being, you can't always get what you want. After a week-long vacation ending on a Saturday, I was ready to get back in the air and start flying again on Sunday. But no, it got canceled due to weather. Dang. So I thought, "Well that's alright, I have a lesson scheduled for Wednesday, and I'll try and grab another on Friday before I leave for ANOTHER week-long trip."

So Wednesday rolls around and I finally got in the air. It was a very fun ride. So then I came home and tried to schedule again for Friday. My instructor is booked. Dang. Tried for Thursday too, booked....again. Dang.

So after finally convincing my parents to let me switch instructors for just one lesson, I ended up reserving a Cessna 172 for 2 hours, this one with a snazzy new cockpit full of electronic displays rather than regular instruments. Luckily, once I arrived, my temporary instructor was great, and we got to use a 172 more like the one I was used to because someone backed out at the last minute.

SO! In the end it all turned out well, but I was very nervous throughout the week thinking I would only get to fly once in THREE WEEKS! But I ended up with two flights. So I was happy!
Well, talk to you all soon and Happy Flying!

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  1. Don't be discouraged, if the instructor is booked usually that is a sign of good instructor. Weather is also a problem sometimes. A good ground session is better on a rainy day than on a clear day. Before you know it you will have something your friends do not have; “A PRIVATE PILOTS LICENCE”

  2. Dude ive beeb grounded do to weather many times its been about 4 weeks since my last leasson in the air. got to be patient im 15 and already i know you got to have patients to be a pilot. like tony said ground sessions are perfect on bad weather also do what ya call hanger fly just go in there when you can during your off days and pretend to go through all the procedure and stuff... advice take it or leave it

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