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A day with the Collaborators

First, we'd like to apologize for the infrequent blog entries.  Will and I have been on the road quite a bit filming exciting content for the upcoming film, A Pilot's Story.

Earlier this month, Will and I got to spend 2 days with the Collaborators Aerobatic Team at their home airport, King City, CA. (KIC). What an amazing experience it was to witness 4 of the most professional aerobatic pilots in the business.  As you may know, the Collaborators are made up of Sean D. Tucker,Lead - Challenger Biplane, Ben Freelove,Right Wing - Extra 300L, Eric Tucker,Left Wing - Extra 300L and Bill Stein, Slot - Edge 540

The team was kind enough to let us film during the pre-flight briefing session, a full practice flight and their post practice flight debrief.  The Show consists of four high performance aerobatic airplanes lasting fourteen minutes of non-stop innovative flying. Pure rush! One of the most compelling show of non jet airplanes.

The maneuvers:

1- Close Formation: Showcasing the grace and beauty of the echelon, diamond, and arrowhead configurations. New manuevers to look for are the half cuban and the inside outside eight.

2- The Melee (this is my personal favorite): All four airplanes in the box simultaneously. A highly choregraphed display of cutting edge power aerobatics.

3- The Finale: Four-ship rolling rejoin, swooping diamond formation ending with a dynamic bomburst.

The Collaborators are on a mission to elevate the art of the airshow performance to the next level.

Here is a link to the Collaborators demo video from their website:

Best regards,

Rico Sharqawi
A Pilot's Story- Executive Producer

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