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Well, Hello Out There

As shown above, I've been flying, or

Hey everyone out there, my name's Lauren and I'm a student pilot. As you can see by the photo above (when I was little), I've been flying, or "co-piloting," for many years. And let me tell you, I've loved every minute of it!

I just started student flying in my hometown of Frederick, Maryland about 3 weeks ago, but I've already had four lessons. The people at my flight school are incredible - I mean everyone, not just my personal instructor, so that always helps. Anyways, I was lucky enough to get a seriously amazing instructor. She is a great teacher, understanding and PATIENT! All of those traits make her awesome.

If you are interested in flying, the first step is to find a CFI, or Certified Flight Instructor, like I have. Find out more here on the Let's Go Flying site.

So far we've worked on many maneuvers, ranging from start-up, to slow flight, to landing. It is an insane feeling to be sitting behind the yoke knowing that it's "your airplane," as my instructor, Michal says. Everything done in that cockpit is controlled by you, possibly with a little help form the CFI :]

Well, this was just a little "intro blog." I'll be back in a little while to update after a few lessons and a vacation, so...

Happy Flying!

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  1. Say Lauren...It is so great that you have accomplished all your successions in Flying, and I like the New Airplane that is in the middle pic too.
    I also grew up in flying to which when "I WAS YOUNG", my Father and My 1st Cousin used to own an
    Old Piper J3 as the used to Fly Both for Cross Country and for Crop Dusting here in the States in a little Town called Loop, TX.. It is about 60 miles South of Lubbock, TX.. The funny part that I can remember is when My Dad and Cousin use to fly it with it's old wooden prop being cracked and they used to joke about how they would crash in a funny way. Well they did finally crash, but the funny part about it was when my Cousin did crash. He was able to maneuver it and landed it in a Cotton Field ony 20 feet above ground after take off. The only thing that did get damaged was the prop, but for my cousin. He bit the Dirt...actually he got a taste of cotton that had flown in the cock pit after the crash. Kind of reminds you of how an Airplane would crash into a barn full of hay. (Cartoon Style). I had taken lessons in 1978 in a Piper Tomahawk where I was doing a walk-around. It was my 18th Birhday. My Friend owned it as he was a Flight Instructor for Meacham Field Int Aprt. of Ft. Worth, TX.. What was real funny was He was having the Engine Rebuilt and had parked it outside of his Maintenance Station. He had me do a walk-around to check it out and when I got into the plane, I did a pre-flight checking all the gauges. Then I yelled out Clear before start up.
    the next thing was when I began to start it. "It would not Start"!!! I radio'd my friend, and he told me that he had hooked the battery cables up, but the thing about it was that I had forgot to check was the Engine Components. He and his friends was pulling a Huge Joke on me as they stood laughing at me being all serious in doing my walk around, and then getting into the plane and yelling out clear...all the electronics was still in tact...But the funny part was when he told me...
    Hey Terry. "THERE IS NO ENGINE", and you fell for it. (AND ALL THAT WORK I DID AND FAILED TO CHECK THE ENGINE). He and his friends began to laugh telling me that, that was was for my Birthday as a "Joke On Me" kind of thing...((lol))). Now they always tried to pull pranks like that on me. It has always been a Love of Mine even if I have turned 25 yrs younger out of 50. Flying is my Hobby and I also have a saying: The higher I Fly, The Better I Feel!!! as I got to Fly My First 25 thousand feet in my Friends Ptivate Leer Jet a year ago in 2008. It was my first time to fly in a Leer Jet for one thing and it was like a Bird or Eagle flying, but more fast and and more furious. Moreless, It Was A Flight that was SO GRACEFUL and being 25 thousand feet in the cockpit of a Leer Jet was so outstanding. The Scenery was also So Beautiful too as we flown from Arlington, TX, to Las Angelas, CA and High Above the Mountains. Lauren, I want to say thank you for taking out the time to reading my experiences in flying as well as I have read yours, and I want to say that I hope that you have many successes to your flying and in your lessons too. If you want to leave me a E-Mail in reply...You are welcomed to do so anytime. It's May you and your Family have a great day or night in your part of the world. ONCE AGAIN, I wish you many Successes. Sincerely, Terry

  2. Good luck Lauren with the flying adventures. I can only imagine being a student pilot when I was your age. It is truly a noble venture to be taken up and I wish you all the best. Perserverance is key in that occupation and don't give up, follow your dreams.

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