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Pretending there are clouds

Today, Dana and I worked on simulated instrument flight (instrument flight is flying based only on your gauges (as if you were in the clouds)).  Dana had been running a little late today, and I was running early (for once).  Since I had a little bit of down time, I took the plane up solo and practiced cross wind takeoffs and landings.  Today was a good day for them too; the wind was blowing directly across the runway at about 10 knots.  To make things harder, there were significant air pockets that kept bumping the plane up and down.  This made those three landings quite difficult.  More than once I had to go around because of up and down drafts.  After Dana arrived, we departed to the Northwest to start the lesson.

Not even a minute after takeoff, he had me put on the glasses to restrict my vision.  I navigated up to Kenosha then 20 miles south and then back to Westosha.  By the time we were back at the airport, we had flown a good hour or so.  On the way back, we worked on recovering from unusual attitudes.  It went like this: I would close my eyes while Dana would turn and pitch the airplane into a unusual position.  Upon opening my eyes, I had to quickly return the plane to straight and level flight only using the instruments.  By listening to the engine, it was easy to tell if the plane was either climbing or diving.  With our extra instrument time, I only have .7 hours left of flight with the funny goggles.  I plan on getting the rest of that time taken care of soon.  Thanks for reading everyone!!!

-Evan Krueger

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  1. I do agree but sometimes traveling long distance is makes me bored. I never been in there, but i wish someday i can go there.

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