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Pilots: Stop terrorizing the Capitol; The U.S Air Force is too busy frightening New Yorkers

It has happened again.

An evil-doer private pilot and his co-conspirator wife took an always-dangerous single engine Cessna and flew it right near, gasp, some monument in DC.  This resulted in a miltary response with F16s escorting the pilot out of the area.  Innocent pilots have been caught numerous times flying into the Capitol's restricted airspace.  It has always been accidental.  No any actual terrorist has been caught.  Face it, the only people terrorized in these incidents are the wayward pilots themselves.  There could be a terrible mistake one day and the government will have to answer for it.

Meantime, the US Air Force thought it a good idea to fly a 747 jumbo jet with an F16 trailing it in low and slow flight around lower Manhattan for a photo shoot.  Oh, and the FAA forgot to tell anyone.  This resulted in hundreds of office workers having an unfortunate flashback to 9/11 and running out on the streets.  As someone in the World Financial Center on 9/11, this was, at best, insensitive.  And stupid.

Does anyone miss the irony of any of this?

4 Responses to “Pilots: Stop terrorizing the Capitol; The U.S Air Force is too busy frightening New Yorkers”

  1. As we used to say in the Air Force, someone has got to take the stick.

    The current administration has eroded many years of hard work by the many devoted to the pursuit of general aviation and its freedom.

    I say we ground all of congress and the President for 30 days. Perhaps after some limits on their freedom they may just think before they act. It works for teenagers why not politicians.

  2. david bradley Says:
    April 28th, 2009 at 10:17 pm

    All they had to do was announce it on the national news and send memo,s to all emergency services in advance so that they could re-assure distressed members of the public who called in, thus instead of widespread alarm, there would have been a nice little airshow over the City that could only have a positive impact on their perception of the President's participation in aviation.

  3. I could have sworn that on last Friday 4/24/09 CNBC TV reported in the am that the White House and Capitol were evacuated for an "air space violation". But I heard nothing else about this and can find nothing on it, that is, until the Air Force lunacy of Monday 4/27/09. Anyone know about the Friday report?

  4. There was a big deal made about the airspace violation last Fri. Our brave Legislators were headed for the bunkers. The dangerous Cessna was coming.
    So, how could the so called officials be so stupid to allow the New York fly-by?
    The pilot of the Cessna should NOT have any sanctions against him. We'll just call it even since we know the Air Force pilot won't be in trouble.

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