Your connection with the sky

Just Do It

The second hardest part of the flight training experience is making the decision to get started, and it's no surprise that for every pilot living the dream, there are two, three or more people that are still sitting on the fence.

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Learning to fly might sound like a big commitment. It entails 40+ hours of flying, the equivalent of a college course in ground lessons and many more hours of self study. And then there is the written exam and dreaded ground and flight portions of the practical test. But it's not.

But here's the thing that most people don't realize about flight school. In most cases, there is no obligation. Unlike a college course, you do not have to sign any contracts or pay in advance. As a student pilot, you are not bound to do anything beyond your next lesson. And if you feel that flying just isn't for you, you can quit at any time.

So if you're sitting on the fence, my advice is to give it a shot. Call some local airports and schedule an intro "Discovery Flight" this weekend. Get some hands-on experience flying a small airplane and see what it's all about. It shouldn't cost more than $150, and even if you never fly again, you can always say you did it.

So what's the hardest thing about flying? Physically climbing into the cockpit.

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