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VFR Communications For New Pilots

It's one thing to fly great, it's a completely different thing to communicate great on the radios. One stumbling block most new student pilots run into when learning to fly is how the heck to communicate on the radios not only to ATC but to other pilots in the uncontrolled environment.

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This is something I've been covering quite extensively on my video flight training blog Based on the feedback we receive this is one area students want to excel in.

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Below are 3 tips for making your VFR Radio Communications a breeze:

Stay Clear and Concise

This comes down to knowing what you're going to say before you say it and speaking not only clearly but in a concise manner. Radio time is valuable and there is no sense in eating up more than your fair share of air time. (good rhyme huh?)

Listen To Others

Part of keeping the skies safer has to do with listening to others and locating where they are. A great drill I do with my students is to just sit on the ground at the airport with a handheld radio and listen to other aircraft. Once someone reports it's their job to identify where they are and how they'll most likely enter the traffic pattern.

Now this applies at both controlled and uncontrolled fields. Just because you have a controller watching you doesn't mean you can forget where everyone else is at.

Before You Speak...

Pause... You know what it sounds like when two pilots key the radio at the same time? What most of us calling "stepping on someone" it sounds like "SSSCCCREEEEEEECH!!!&#@!" The worst part is neither pilot conveyed their important message.

Before you key the mike you need to listen, wait until it's your turn before you key the mic.

If you're looking for more great content I've shot hundreds of flight training videos. For those of you a bit anxious about talking to a control tower or picking up flight following my most recent video might come in handy.

Check it out below

Class D Airport Radio Communications

- Jason

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