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The “A Pilot’s Story” Contest goes Live…

Tell us your pilot story for a chance to win prizes!

The producers of "A Pilot's Story" are pleased to announce the launch of the first contest in connection with the film. You now have an opportunity to have your own "Pilot Story" featured in the film if you are the "Grand Prize" winner of the contest.

Tell us your story, how becoming a pilot has changed your life and impacted others around you. What does being a pilot and flying mean to you? How have you been able to promote aviation and inspire others to fly? What kind of plane do you fly or have flown? Tell us the most memorable event during your flying career.

How to enter:

1) reply to this blog posting with your pilot story


2) email your pilot story to:

The "Grand Prize" contest winner will receive:

* The producers of the film will come and film the winner's story at their airport/hanger. Some of this interview will be featured in the film.

* Two tickets to the premier of the film (location and date to be determined)

* A Lightspeed Zulu headset Winner of the 2008 Aviation Consumer "Product of the Year" award.

* A pair of Scheyden Aviation Precision Eyewear sunglasses:

* An iPod Touch Loaded with ForeFlight Software,the official Preflight Intelligence software of "A Pilot's Story":

The "Second Place" contest winner will receive:

* A Lightspeed Zulu headset, Winner of the 2008 Aviation Consumer "Product of the Year" award.

* An iPod Touch Loaded with ForeFlight Software,the official Preflight Intelligence software of "A Pilot's Story"

* A pair of Scheyden Aviation Precision Eyewear sunglasses

Three "Third Place" contest winners will each receive:

* ASA Flight Bag with Instrument & Private training kits

* A pair of Scheyden Aviation Precision Eyewear sunglasses.

All winners will receive:

* A copy of the finished film on DVD

* A free one year subscription to Plane & Pilot magazine and Flight Plan Magazine

More prizes to be announced soon...


*** Contestants can submit their stories to or reply to this blog posting.

*** Contest ends on June 30th, 2009 at 12PM PST

*** Winners will be announced July 20th, 2009 via email and an announcement on

*** Contest is open to legal US residents of the 50 US states 18 years or older. Void where prohibited.

*** Participating sponsors, vendors, suppliers and members of their immediate families are not eligible to participate.

*** The producers reserve the right to verify the eligibility of the winners.

*** Privacy Policy:

***This contest is independent of AOPA and its entities. AOPA is not responsible for or affiliated with anything related to A Pilot's Story contenst.

3 Responses to “The “A Pilot’s Story” Contest goes Live…”

  1. I have a story to tell, but I can't navigate through the computer maze to tell you. If you look in the Oct. 2007 issue of AOPA Training Magazine they did an article of what I do for General aviation and some of my story. It is under "Why we Fly" By Alyssa J. Miller. I didn't start flying until I was 47 years old. I am now 74 and still flying my 1959 Cessna 182,that I spent 3 years restoring. I have about 25 videos of some of my landing spots on here: Tell me how else I can get you my story.

  2. Patricia Gregory Says:
    April 17th, 2009 at 11:43 am

    As a 68 year old woman pilot, my journey has been a rich, energetic and exciting one. I actually started flying because I had to give up skydiving due to an old neck injury when the opening shock from the parachute became too painful to bear. From my very first ride in a Beech 18 jump plane watching others dive out the always-open door, I knew I wanted to be a pilot. The usual issue of being able to afford both jumping and flying hit home so I made over 400 sport skydives before achieving my real, and best, dream.

    At the Reno Air Races I found the perfect flight instructor, a woman and a Ninety-Nine, who quickly ran me through the paces. At the age of 50 I earned my private pilot's license and immediately started training for my Instrument Rating, which I finished one year later. The next logical step was to get a plane, so I bought a wonderful Cessna 172 I named Becky and flew it all across the US for 16 years. One time I flew from California to Atlantic City, NJ alone, loving every minute of my 3-week journey. (That's another whole story!). I’ve participated in many air races such as the Air Race Classic (from coast to coast), and the Palms to Pines, a two day race from LA to Bend, OR. I’ve even won a few trophies!

    In 2001 I was laid-off from my high-tech job and turned my energy toward becoming the best possible 8th grade Physical Science teacher. I think I'm close to achieving that goal as most of my students go on to college and pursue careers in Science. You can be certain all of my students know how an airplane flies and why I love being a pilot. I even designed and executed a Space Day for my entire school (1400 students) with many delightful exhibits to entice the kids and teachers alike.

    Flying is my way of reducing the stress of the world to its proper perspective. Floating above it all, viewing the incredible California scenery (I’m from Detroit, MI), all my cares just melt away. I have had a few moments of heart-pounding excitement during my 17 years of flight. One was as a student pilot when I learned that I truly did know my limitations. I had volunteered to judge a collegiate flying event at a local airport. So I rented a plane (my training took place at San Jose International) and flew down the valley toward my destination of Hollister. Along the way I noticed strange white fluffy stuff beginning to surround me (turned out to be ground fog). It took only a few seconds for my trusty inner voice to say “you don’t belong here!” and I turned around, flew back to SJC and got in my car. It seems innocuous but the experience gave me confidence to make good decisions for many years to come. I soon realized that everyone has an envelope within which they operate, and that the envelope expands with experience and confidence.

    Two years ago I decided to sell my beloved ‘Becky’ and bought into a four-way partnership in a Cessna 182. I’ve had to change the way I fly a bit as the 182 is a more complex plane than Becky and the landings are more challenging. I plan to fly my new plane to Chicago this summer for a Ninety-Nines conference, then on to Detroit for my 50th high school reunion. It’s going to be an exciting trip with a stop in Santa Fe to visit a dear flying friend, then on to Chicago for a week of meetings and fun. There is a side trip to Oshkosh that I will enjoy, having never been to the astounding event where hundreds of planes fly in from all over the world. Next to Detroit to reconnect with my enormous family and my high school buddies, some of whom I’ve stayed in contact with all theses years. Finally I’ll set a course for home through the bumpy, yet scenic northern route (Wyoming, Nebraska and the like).

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