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Mrs. Alaska United America

, November 30th, 2012

As my new title of Mrs. Alaska United America continues to take shape, I’m proud to announce some very exciting things happening with my platform – a project to encourage and educate women of all ages to be involved in aviation.  Educating the next generation of women to keep the aviation community strong, not only for general aviation but in our country’s military as well.  The aviation career field is so diverse with pilots, air traffic controllers, maintainers, to safety inspectors – the opportunities are endless for women.  I am proud to announce as of September that we are a non-profit organization in the state of Alaska and a scholarship fund geared to help sponsor future female Alaskan aviators!  Our non-profit organization continues to reach Alaskans throughout the state and beyond.  Read More >>

iPad & iPhone apps

, November 26th, 2012

Benet Wilson requested that readers of  her AOPA Blog post send her their favorite training & flight apps. After writing a response, and I hope I'm not stepping on any toes here, I thought this would make a good post in the Let's Go Flying Blog as well.

Since I am an avid geek when it comes to flying apps and during my training tested out a number of iPad and iPhone apps, here are the ones that I think are the best and most useful apps on the market for students and pilots alike.

For moving maps and navigation there are a few good choices, and there were specific things I liked about each of the apps below, but in the end, WingX Pro7 is the one that ended up on my home screen. Read More >>

Eleanor Flies: First Flight with Dad

, November 14th, 2012

There’s no shortage of reasons to learn to fly.  One of the best is sharing flight with others.

I’ve taken each of my kids to the airport since before they could walk.  My son, Nicholas (callsign: “FOD”), has known how to operate a flap lever in a Cessna 172 since he was three.  My daughter, Ella (callsign: “Deadly”) reached for the throttle with her right hand the first time I loaded her into the left seat of a C-172.

I took FOD up in a Cessna Citation Mustang (a light business jet that seats six) on a demo flight at AirVenture Oshkosh three years ago when he was seven.  And I took him up again in a TG-7A motorglider with my airshow team in August for some formation practice.  But, up until now, I’ve never taken up Deadly, who's seven now.  So I set out to do something about that. Read More >>

Sophie T. Dog’s first flight!

, November 1st, 2012



 To me, the best part of being a private pilot is flying myself to fun destinations. Just recently, my boyfriend (also a pilot), my Australian Shepherd, Sophie, and I flew to Penn Yan, NY to spend the weekend on Keuka Lake. It was wonderful; what has taken us 5.5 hours to drive from Frederick, MD took us only 2.5 hours to fly! Read More >>