Your connection with the sky

Flight Simulation Conference in Munich, Germany

, March 27th, 2012

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This past weekend saw me hop on a regional jet from Amsterdam to Munich in Germany, to attend the Aerosoft Conference held in the city's wonderful aviation museum, the Flugtwerft. Aerosoft is one of the world's foremost developers and distributors of flight simulation (add-on) software and organizes this conference every year, now  for the 10th time already. Although it is not as big and famous as the 'Dutch FS Weekend', it is surely worth visiting. If not for finding out news about the 'hobby' then at least to meet with some of the major companies in the industry and meet with developers and other enthusiasts face to face.

And as I have explained many times before, aviation and flightsimming IS the same for many people. The passion is the same, the goal is pretty much the same too. Read More >>

Mrs. Alaska U.S. All World Beauties 2012 and 'GirlsFlyToo' platform travels to Dallas for WAI Conference

, March 27th, 2012


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This year I was able to attend the Women in Aviation International conference in Dallas, Texas.  It was an amazing experience for me as Mrs. Alaska U.S. All World Beauties – and great exposure for my platform ‘GirlsFlyToo!’  It was very inspirational for me to meet so many other men and women that see the importance of promoting this platform.  ‘GirlsFlyToo’ is so important to the state of Alaska – as we are a mecca of aviation, but this platform draws a much larger national audience. Read More >>

Let's Keep Making GA Memories

, March 22nd, 2012

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Those who lived through it know where they were when they first heard the Beatles, when man first stepped on the moon or, sadly, when planes crashed into the World Trade Center.  On a more personal level there are life events that are elevated to the same status such as a wedding day or the birth of a child.  For pilots, there are several occasions that meet these standards.  Every pilot remembers their first solo, earning their private pilot’s license and probably even the tail number of the airplanes those feats were accomplished in (for me it was a Cessna 152 N5493L). 

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A Few Things Every Pilot Should Have In Their Flight Bag

, March 22nd, 2012

A pilots flight bag can be one of the most important tools they could have. But it’s not the bag that’s the tool..its what’s inside of it. So what are some of the most important items that a pilot should have in his or her flight bag? Here, I am going to go through what are arguably the five most important things a pilot should have in his or her flight bag. Read More >>