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Common Flight Training Snags

, May 14th, 2010

Lets face it, we all understand at one point or another we're going to get tied up in some sort of flight training snag or pitfall. How can we overcome these? At some point between becoming a pilot and leading all the way up to the private pilot checkride you'll need to address these. Let's look into it some more.

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Flight Training Plateaus

A plateau is an elevated area that is relatively flat. This explains a lot when it comes to flight training or goal setting. We've all been there. Doing really well at our flying, things are falling into place. Then all of a sudden our landings just plain stink!

How could this happen? Instead of continuing in your progress you feel stuck and the only thing you know to do is keep doing landings till you fly the wheels right off!

That's not the answer! Yes, you will need some practice but don't over do it! Spend some time doing hood work or practicing other maneuvers. Don't let your plateau get the upper hand on you. It will pull you in like a vice. Read More >>

What’s in your Flight Bag?

, May 4th, 2010

The Boy Scout motto Be Prepared has stuck with the organization for countless years.  And for a good reason too.  While pilot supplies is not the most important aspect of flying, it plays a very important role.  Have you ever flown a cross country trip without planning for it beforehand?  I hope no one has answered yes.  Proper planning and preparation is important for any flight; even the quick trip around the patch.  Having the right tools at your disposal helps you handle any unexpected situations.  I decided to throw together a list of this things I keep in my flight bag to compare with others.  What do you have in yours?

Flight Bag

Since I don't lug my entire flight library with me, I use a fairly small flight bag.  Some spend hundreds of dollars on a flight bag; I find it unnecessary.  In fact, I use the free one AOPA sent me for renewing my membership (kind of looks like the one pictured left).  It looks cool and holds everything I need.  I'm not saying don't buy a nice flight bag, just don't buy space you can't or don't need to fill.