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Another great reason to learn how to fly, to eat!

, March 5th, 2009

I kept busy last week washing an airplane and as I do with most menial tasks, my mind began to drift.  Perhaps I was hungry from the physical labor of washing, or maybe I have some kind of eating disorder, but I started thinking about food....a lot of food.  The first thought was simple enough, "I wonder what I'm going to have for dinner?" but then my mind really began to wander as I began thinking about the places that the aircraft I was washing has taken me to and what delicious foods I have eaten there. Read More >>

Another Part of the Envelope – Aviation Advocacy

, March 2nd, 2009

Tupper on the ramp with DC-3 N134D

My contributions to this blog are largely about exploring the envelope of aviation.  That means aerobatics, flying different aircraft, and a lot more.  Some of it unexpected. Read More >>

A Pilot’s Story-A Documentary Capturing the Passion of Flight on Film

, February 18th, 2009

Wilco Films is producing the next big aviation documentary film called "A Pilot's Story". The film will feature Aviation Icons, Hollywood pilots, Astronauts, Aerobatic Champions, Commercial and Corporate pilots and a select number of General Aviation pilots.   Read More >>

Cold As Ice

, February 12th, 2009

Many high performance singles such as the Cirrus SR22, some Diamond models, Mooney’s and the Cessna 400 feature the TKS anti-ice system as an option.  The SR22 Turbo includes this feature as one of it’s many amazing safety offerings. The newest models are certified for ‘flight into known icing’ but most airplanes that feature this system are not.  Without the proper education on it’s limitations, I can see pilots flying themselves into trouble or into a situation where they may not have an out ... and some of those are not so obvious.  Read More >>

Hello Aviators!

, February 11th, 2009


Greeting aviators!  I am so happy to be writing this blog at AOPA’s new flying site,  There is nothing I am more passionate about than spreading the word about aviation in the ever changing online world.  A bit about me - I am an active CFI, Podcaster, Video Producer and avid Sailor.  Read More >>

What’s your favorite flight?

, January 13th, 2009

Most of my posts on the Let's Go Flying blog have been, up to this point, about professional pilot paths.  I want to take a pause from this theme however, to share with you a recently re-discovered reason for wanting to learn how to fly: to find your own personal favorite flight (as a pilot of course). Read More >>

Variety – The Spice of Flight (and Flight Training)

, January 9th, 2009

Tupper and Sutton in the Citabria

I was talking to airshow performer Greg Koontz about aerobatics and flight training as part of an episode of my podcast, Airspeed.  I saw Greg twice last year and he does everything from great aerobatics in a Super Decathlon to landing a Piper Cub on a moving pickup truck.  Read More >>

AOPA’s Cirrus Sweepstakes

, December 29th, 2008

AOPA has announced that its 2009 "Let's go Flying"  sweepstakes winner will take home a 2005 Cirrus SR22.  Read here for the details.

I have long said the Cirrus is like Apple Computer.  Anyone who owns and loves Macs knows what I'm talking about. Cirrus builds innovative, great-looking products that push technology.  Cirrus blends form and functionality.  Read More >>

LSA’s Sales Strong, VLJs Making Comeback?

, December 15th, 2008

In the midst of the economic doldrums, which includes much of the aviation industry, two interesting pieces of news last week give hope to the pilot poluation.

The first comes from Light Sport guru, Dan Johnson.  For those who don't read Dan's blog, I highly recommend it.  Dan reports that LSA sales remain relatively strong, even as the general piston market slows (that's being kind).  Read More >>

LSA Review: Flight Design– Room with a View

, November 25th, 2008

Flight Design did not become the best-selling light sport aircraft in the country by being the best looking kid on the block. In fact, the FD is more like that nerdy guy in high school who got straight As and was still the most popular kid at the parties. In other words, looks are deceiving. It is more than just a solid performing aircraft. Despite its funny looking design it has won this low-wing guy over. Read More >>