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Mrs. Alaska United America

November 30th, 2012

As my new title of Mrs. Alaska United America continues to take shape, I’m proud to announce some very exciting things happening with my platform – a project to encourage and educate women of all ages to be involved in aviation.  Educating the next generation of women to keep the aviation community strong, not only for general aviation but in our country’s military as well.  The aviation career field is so diverse with pilots, air traffic controllers, maintainers, to safety inspectors – the opportunities are endless for women.  I am proud to announce as of September that we are a non-profit organization in the state of Alaska and a scholarship fund geared to help sponsor future female Alaskan aviators!  Our non-profit organization continues to reach Alaskans throughout the state and beyond.  Read More >>

Mrs. Alaska U.S. All World Beauties 2012 & Aviation Community Involvement

May 29th, 2012

Being a community leader and a role model for others is an important part of being a state title-holder.  As my year as Mrs. Alaska U.S. All World Beauties is coming canadian meds viagra to a close and I am preparing for mexico viagra no prescription the national pageant, being active in my community and in my aviation community has played a vital role for my platform GirlsFlyToo.   My two community service projects this year include being a Senior Advocate at the Chugiak/Eagle-River Senior Center and as a Peer Mentor at the Covenant House Alaska, a local shelter for teens.  In my aviation community I have worked with my local chapter of Ninety-Nines, local EAA Chapter 42, and the Alaska Aviation Museum.  Reaching out to our younger generation through being a community service role model speaks volumes.  After all, the purpose of being a title-holder is to be a leader and a catalyst for community.  This applies to our aviation community as well - encouraging and educating our younger generation to be involved in aviation. 

As my national pageant approaches next month, I am ready to compete and bring home the national crown to Alaska!  Thanks to all for your ongoing support of GirlsFlyToo!   Blue skies and propellers.


Mrs. Alaska U.S. All World Beauties 2012 and 'GirlsFlyToo' platform travels to Dallas for WAI Conference

March 27th, 2012


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This year I was able to attend the Women in Aviation International conference in Dallas, Texas.  It was an amazing experience for me as Mrs. Alaska U.S. All World Beauties – and great exposure for my platform ‘GirlsFlyToo!’  It was very inspirational for me to meet so many other men and women that see the importance of promoting this platform.  ‘GirlsFlyToo’ is so important to the state of Alaska – as we are a mecca of aviation, but this platform draws a much larger national audience. Read More >>

Mrs. Alaska U.S. All World Beauties 2012 takes flight with 'GirlsFlyToo' platform

February 29th, 2012

My name is Ariel Talen-Keller and I am the reigning Mrs. Alaska U.S. All World Beauties pageant winner.  My platform is called ‘GirlsFlyToo’ – a project to encourage and educate women to be a part of aviation.  I grew up on an airfield and my parents are pilots. My father is one of the few people in the nation that restores antique airplanes for a living.  His passion and love for aviation inspired me to share that same passion.  I attended flight school after college and as a pilot myself, I understand the importance of teaching and encouraging our youth to get involved in aviation.  Read More >>