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It's a drag to find a rag … inside the cowling.

December 14th, 2011

One of the things I find consistently more difficult as I gain experience flying is maintaining the diligence I know is required to maintain safety.  I believe in standard operating procedures.  I practice them and I teach them.   I’m a full time professional CFI, after all, so most of my flight time is in an instructional environment and yet I still find that my procedures continually need tweaking and improvement. I most often fly in the training environment, one in which we have the luxury of always choosing the safest option.  There is no training mission that HAS to be flown ... there are very few external time pressures ... we follow protocol every single time (as a matter of training as much as maintaining safe operating procedures). Read More >>

Building brick houses

March 23rd, 2009

In flying, we are undertaking an effort that contains a greater element of risk (and higher price to pay for error) than almost anything else we’ve ever done.  It is extremely important to establish fundamental procedures that will not only stick with us as we advance in and explore our own aviation envelope, but procedures that will step forward when we need them the most, in an emergency.  Read More >>

Cold As Ice

February 12th, 2009

Many high performance singles such as the Cirrus SR22, some Diamond models, Mooney’s and the Cessna 400 feature the TKS anti-ice system as an option.  The SR22 Turbo includes this feature as one of it’s many amazing safety offerings. The newest models are certified for ‘flight into known icing’ but most airplanes that feature this system are not.  Without the proper education on it’s limitations, I can see pilots flying themselves into trouble or into a situation where they may not have an out ... and some of those are not so obvious.  Read More >>

Hello Aviators!

February 11th, 2009


Greeting aviators!  I am so happy to be writing this blog at AOPA’s new flying site,  There is nothing I am more passionate about than spreading the word about aviation in the ever changing online world.  A bit about me - I am an active CFI, Podcaster, Video Producer and avid Sailor.  Read More >>