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Aerobatic Training

August 22nd, 2008

Aerobatic training makes you a better pilot - or so I've heard. Most would agree, I believe. Is it true? I've flown with quite a number of acro students over the years, and acro didn't make them all better, but what it did do was remove the unknown for them, as I like to think of it. Consider this - how could a pilot who has spun, looped, and rolled consider a 60 degree bank and 20 degree descent angle as an "unusual attitude?" You see my point. In aerobatics, all attitudes are normal; there are no unusual attitudes. But there are unusual sensations like being at the very top of a tail slide with the engine idling. You know that instant where you are no longer ascending and not yet descending? Yeah, that second where all the primary flight controls are absolutely useless as the airspeed is zero and you are literally along for the ride...eerily quiet.