Runway Safety – Again!

November 12, 2009 by Bruce Landsberg

Runway Safety 2009As you may have noticed, last week was AOPA Summit in Tampa, Florida. The weather was Chamber-of-Commerce perfect and there were literally hundreds of aircraft that flew in. All the local airports were busy and obviously we’re always concerned about safety. Runway safety, while not the most exciting subject, is one of those basics that just has to be reviewed regularly. The news has been full of runway safety close calls lately; a Delta airliner that landed on an adjacent taxiway in Atlanta, and a Cessna that wandered onto a runway in front of a landing airliner in Hawaii. The fun just never ends!

Here are two references to raise awareness:

1) An interview at AOPA Summit with Wes Timmons, Head of the FAA’s Runway Safety Office and Jason Blair, Exec. Dir. of NAFI.

2) ASF’s brand new Runway Safety Course– we highly recommend it. New scenarios, new online technology and a great refresher to keep you from doing something you’d regret.

GA has a disproportionate share of incursions with pilot deviations. We can do better!!!

Bruce Landsberg
Senior Safety Advisor, Air Safety Institute

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  • Marty


    I took the online course earlier and I must compliment the ASF on the material covered and the excellent presentation quality. The animation sequences really reinforce the lessons. Well done!

    Marty Sacks
    Baltimore, MD

  • Bruce Landsberg


    Many thanks. We work really hard to make the programs useful. The mix of experience and ignorance on the GA side of pilot deviations is puzzling. Easy recommendation – take the course and inoculate yourself!