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You Knew it Had to Happen!

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

BlogIt had to come to this – the glass cockpit cub.  Is it amusing, ludicrous, irritating, absolutely what’s expected, a safety enhancement or no big deal?

My initial reaction was amusement followed by “no big deal.” It seems like something of an oxymoron to equip such an aircraft with glass but then many folks do upgrade log cabins with indoor plumbing. Improves the convenience and utility albeit at some expense.

I look at it this way – the iPad unapproved device may cost a lot less than the aviation unapproved equivalent and provide some very useful information.  It’s not exactly old world flying, as it was done in aircraft of this type but we don’t hand crank cars any more either.

If you want to practice or teach pilotage, turn it off. I also sadly note that airspace and the TFR situation is much more complex than it was back when. Moving map displays and GPS make staying clear of the authorities so much easier!

I’m still mostly of the mindset that new pilots should learn the basic and physical aircraft handling before going deep into glass. Don’t really have an issue with glass displays of basic flight info – it’s the esoterica that is distracting.