About Hover Power

“Hover Power” reports on news, safety, and events in the helicopter industry. Author Tim McAdams offers insights, tips, technique, and commentary on the helicopter industry and the excitement of rotor flying.

About the author

Tim McAdams is a certified flight instructor for helicopters with more than 10,100 hours of flight time. He holds an ATP for both fixed-wing and rotor-wing aircraft. McAdams has 2,600 hours in fixed wing aircraft, 1,200 hours multiengine time and 7,500 hours rotor wing with 2,400 hours multiengine rotorcraft. His aviation career spans from helicopter flight instructor to Robinson Helicopter authorized dealer, helicopter tour pilot to emergency medical pilot. He is a published author in AOPA Pilot, AOPA Flight Training, Rotor & Wing magazines and produced the “Safety Watch” column in Rotor & Wing. He manages the flight simulation center for American Eurocopter in Grand Prairie, Texas and is an active flight instructor in the AS350 series helicopter.

“As a child I was always fascinated with helicopters. I tried building a rubber band-powered one–it had anti-torque issues and never really worked. I then tried a radio-controlled helicopter; it held my interest for about six months and then I realized that I wanted to be in the air. At 17 I decided to take flying lessons, but my parents did not like the idea of me flying anything. In fact, they were adamantly opposed to it, saying it was too dangerous. It was in my first year of college that I managed to save enough money to get a private pilot certificate in an R22–it was very inexpensive back in 1981. However, I was now out of funds and really after my CFI. I decided to tell my parents what I was doing while I wasn’t in class in hopes that they would help me. I brought them to the airport so they could see me fly and talk to my instructor about safety. They were surprised at what I had already done, but now understood my passion and determination. They agreed to help me finish my CFI and thus launched my career in aviation. Thanks mom and dad. I have had a great career so far, flying EMS helicopters to corporate aircraft. I hope to share my thoughts and experiences over the past 25 years and make this blog interesting and fun to read. Some topics might inspire you to comment, so please do.”–Tim