About Hover Power

“Hover Power” reports on news, safety, and events in the helicopter industry. Author Tim McAdams offers insights, tips, technique, and commentary on the helicopter industry and the excitement of rotor flying.

About the authors

Neal Lanning has the kind of experience only a lifetime in aviation can bring. As the owner of Advanced Helicopter nlanningConcepts, Inc. in Frederick, Maryland, Lanning operates five Robsinson R22s and one Robinson R44. As if running one of the busiest helicopter flight schools in the country weren’t enough, Lanning also flies a Bell 206 for an aerial mapping company. He has previous experience in the S-76, AS-365, Bell 430, and EC-135, and three fixed-wing type ratings.




Rotorcraft newcomer Ian J. Twombly is editor of AOPA’s Flight Training magazine, and senior editor of AOPA Pilot.IJT helicopter Twombly reports on industry news, and offers opinion and commentary from the perspective of a relatively low-time helicopter pilot. He also holds commercial and flight instructor fixed-wing ratings.