Guy del Giudice

June 11, 2010 by Tim McAdams

Last week was a sad time for many of us in Dallas, Texas. I lost a friend and colleague in a helicopter accident. Guy del Giudice and I worked together at CareFlite; he was also its chief pilot. Also, killed in the crash was CareFlite mechanic Steve Durler and, although I didn’t know him personally, I understand he was very well liked.

Guy was flying a Bell 222 helicopter on a maintenance check flight. At the same time I happened to be flying a news helicopter when I heard Guy call Grand Prairie Tower for a south departure–I work for SKY Helicopter which is under contract with the Fort Worth/Dallas-based CBS affiliate KTVT Channel 11. The photographer and I were covering another news story when we were diverted to a fatal CareFlite helicopter crash south of the Grand Prairie airport. Hovering over the accident site I recognized the aircraft as the Bell 222 and knew immediately that my friend had perished.

The helicopter’s rotor system was located about 100 yards from the fuselage. What exactly caused it to separate from the helicopter in flight is not yet clear. I have no doubt that if anything could have been done to recover from this failure, Guy was the type of pilot who could have done it. He took his profession very seriously and was one of the most skilled pilots I have had the privilege of flying with. EMS crews are like family and all my friends at CareFlite are saddened beyond words. The helicopter industry has lost a talented pilot and a great person.


  • Avi Weiss


    Sorry to hear of Guy’s death. Though I didn’t know him, I do know what it’s like to lose a friend in an aviation accident, and the sense of loss and perhaps some “self-doubt” moving forward. The loss can be especially tough when it seems that a pilot “does everything right”, and still falls victim to circumstances beyond their control.

    Again, very sorry to hear of this. Hopefully, we will be able to find out what happened, and use it as a learning moment for all of us.


  • Ehud Gavron

    My condolences, Tim.

  • Dale Long

    Sincerely sorry for your loss and the loss to the EMS family.

    Dale Long, DO
    ER Doc

  • laura kuehner

    Guy and his family lived next door to us when we were kids in Indiana. He and my brother were very close friends for a while. I know they lost touch over the years. Another old friend of Guy’s looked me up to let me know of this tragedy. I know years ago Guy was very interested in flight; I’m glad to hear he spent his life doing something he loved. I’m sorry for your loss.

  • Patrick Shaub

    I’m saddened and so sorry to hear of Guy’s death, but as sorry for the loss to his family and friends, which of course includes Careflight.

    Pat Shaub

  • Mike Barker

    I was taught to fly by Guy at Sky Helicopters in the late 90’s whilst on secondment to the US by my company in the UK.
    I am deeply saddened to have just learnt of the crash but am hugely privileged to have had him as my instructor. I have been back in the UK since late 1999 and still fly R22’s. I still rate Guy as the safest intructor I have ever flown with and such a talented natural teacher.
    I have the Photos of he and I after my first solo and completion of my PPL(H) on my study wall.

    Heart felt condolence to his family.

    Kind Regards
    MIke Barker