Submission Guidelines

Learning Curve is a blog for, by, and about the providers of flight training. It is presented as a means for flight training professionals to discuss trends in the marketplace, the future of the training industry, ideas that have helped improve their businesses, and more. Intended as a free and open exchange of ideas, the blog will remain professional and supportive.

How it works:

  • Blog posts will be accepted from all industry participants, including flight school owners, managers, support business representatives, flight instructors, and other support personnel. Posts submitted by those outside the flight training industry will evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  • Submit a post by clicking on the “Submit your story” link.
  • Posts will be edited by AOPA staff editors, and posted to the blog soon after submission.
  • AOPA editors reserve the right to reject any submitted post.
  • Comments will be accepted for every post.
  • Submitters are encouraged to submit posts frequently. We’re anxious for you to share your expertise.

Content of posts:

  • Posts should be a reasonable length, and may be edited for space. Although enough electrons exist to allow you to go on for thousands of words, no one will read it.
  • Topics aimed directly at sharing insights or ideas with the rest of the flight training community are encouraged. This could be everything from a successful marketing campaign to the best way to interview flight instructor candidates.
  • Think about what you would read or want to know as a flight training professional, and chances are others will want to read it as well. If there’s any question about appropriate content, e-mail the editor at for guidance.
  • The use of specific examples is encouraged whenever possible.
  • Photos increase the likelihood that people will read the post.
  • Posts that don’t fit within the framework of the blog may be rejected by the editor. If this happens, the poster will be notified.
  • Include pertinent links.
  • Most importantly, the blog is not a promotional vehicle for your flight school or business. Announcing the availability of a new simulator, for example, is not an appropriate post. However, describing how you made that simulator successful in your school is.
  • Content posted on the blog may be repurposed for use in any AOPA publication or media channel, including, but not limited to, Flight School Business, and Flight Training magazine.

Comment policy:

  • Comments are encouraged.
  • Comments to comments are encouraged.
  • All comments will be monitored. This is to keep spam out of the blog and let helpful dialogue in. Because of this, a delay will occur between when a comment is submitted and when it is posted.
  • AOPA reserves the right to reject comments that are not germane to the subject being discussed or that aren’t in sync with the desired professional tone of the blog.
  • The more comments the blog receives, the more helpful it will be to the readers.