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What’s the oddest thing you’ve found in a preflight?

Monday, December 19th, 2011

The February 2012 issue, coming to your mailbox on or about Jan. 5,  has an excellent article by Jamie Beckett about the perils of not doing a thorough preflight.

Before you put your hand up and yell, “Not another preflight article!,” let me finish. Yes, anybody who’s had more than an hour of flight instruction knows that a preflight is your very last chance to check out your airplane before you launch into the sky. But those of us with a few hundred hours or a few years in our logbooks might one day find ourselves “sleepwalking” through the process, as Jamie notes. It’s not on purpose. Anything that is repetitious can become automatic, given enough time. Ever find yourself driving home from work and suddenly realize you don’t remember how you got there? Scary.

We asked our digital subscribers to tell us the oddest thing they’ve ever found in a preflight, and we want to hear from you as well. Snakes? Missing controls? Something not so obvious and much more insidious?–Jill Tallman