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Look who’s a student pilot: Vince Neil edition

Friday, July 6th, 2012

Vince Neil

If you like a side of heavy metal with your aviation news, here’s your dish: Vince Neil, lead singer of the 1980s-era heavy metal group Motley Crue (and yes, I know there are umlauts in there but darn if I can figure out how to insert umlauts in this blog software), is training hard to become a pilot even as you read this. He’s taking a two-week accelerated program at an airport in Nevada, according to The Aviators, which is filming the whole thing for its upcoming Season 3.

The Aviators posted several photos on its Facebook page of Neil in the cockpit of a Diamond. The singer is said to be a disciplined student who prepped for his intensive program by studying flight training materials while on tour overseas. He’s working with an instructor from Accelerated Flight & Instrument Training. Season 3 of The Aviators will begin airing in September on PBS stations in the United States; episodes are available on iTunes and Hulu.–Jill W. Tallman