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Fear of a lost logbook

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

I don’t often use this space to plug other blogs (the boss likes us to write our own, for some reason), but this one is too good not to share with the training and wannabe-professional audience. Adam Fast takes a really good look at something we all know is possible but fervently hope will never happen to us: losing a logbook.

Using a friend’s mishap as a cautionary tale, Fast explains that the worst part of losing a logbook (or a medical certificate) is the fact that without that documentation, the evidence of all those hard-earned and expensive flight hours evaporates. And he points out that not only do you have to worry about misplacing these documents, you also have to worry about theft or fire or other natural disaster that could render your documents null and void.

Being a self-professed geek, Adam carefully examines options you can take to back up your records. Think you’re good because you use an online logbook? Think again, and take Adam’s advice because hey, he does this stuff for a living. And now if you’ll excuse me, I have some photocopying to do.

How do you protect your logbook? Please tell us in the Comments section.–Jill W. Tallman