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Was dad a pilot?

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

With Father’s Day on Sunday, it’s time to say thanks to all the flying dads out there. Some of us might never have taken to the air if it weren’t that man who put us in the right seat and let us take the controls. But as I didn’t have a flying dad–nobody in my family is or was a pilot–I’m going to ask you all, the Flight Training blog readers, to share stories of your pilot dad. Speaking of flying with a pilot dad, the little fella in the right seat is Ferdinand J. Mack, one of your Pilot Information Center specialists, with his father, Ferdinand J. Mack Sr.

Email me at [email protected] tell me about your flying dad. If you put “dad” in the subject line, that would help me a lot. Photos especially welcome. I’ll compile your responses and put them in a blog post to be published sometime next week. In the meantime, Happy Father’s Day!–Jill W. Tallman