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Who are your aviation heroes?

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

Who are your aviation heroes? Who inspires you to push on with your flight training even though quitting sometimes seems like a very attractive option?

The women in this photo are four pilots from the Women’s Airforce Service Pilots. The WASP, as they were called, were civilians trained during World War II to ferry military aircraft. These four–Frances Green, Margaret (Peg) Kirchner, Ann Waldner, and Blanche Osborn–are shown at Lockbourne Air Force Base in Ohio.

The WASP, collectively, helped me through some frustrating periods in my primary and instrument training. Each time I hit a stumbling block, I would reflect on those women and realize that if they could muscle around B-17s and B-26s, I should be able to handle something like a [insert maneuver here].

So who are your aviation inspirations? Which person or people gave you the inspiration and motivation to push on with your aviation goals? Please tell me in the Comments section, and I will blog your responses.–Jill W. Tallman

Photo of the Day: B-17 Flying Fortress

Friday, August 10th, 2012

The iconic B-17 was known as the Flying Fortress because of the amount of defensive firepower it carried. This one is flown by the Liberty Foundation and is painted in the colors of the Memphis Belle (it was used in the filming of that 1990 movie as well). Want to know how to fly the B-17, straight from the U.S. Army and Boeing? Click here to see a training film.—Jill W. Tallman