What’s on your aviation to-do list?

Cessna 182 SkylaneAs fall gets into full swing here in the Mid-Atlantic, there’s plenty of good flying weather ahead. My aviation friends’ Facebook feeds (and likely yours) are full of wonderful photos. Cruising along enjoying the fall colors; exploring new airports; discovering a weekend getaway–the list of possibilities is only limited by our fuel budgets.

I’m reminded that the year is drawing to a close. But instead of regretting the flying I didn’t achieve this year, I look back on what I did manage to accomplish, and relish making plans for 2014.

You may be plugging away at your pilot certificate. But it’s never too soon to start compiling that wish list—a new set of goals for when you have achieved this more immediate prize of being let loose in the sky.

Some new pilots move immediately to learning mode once more, striving for a new certificate or rating. If that’s your plan, my hat’s off to you. A good pilot is always learning.

But if your immediate desire is simply to enjoy your new privileges, that’s great. After all, you’re working hard for this ticket. You will most assuredly deserve some fun at the end of the long road!

So plan now for what you want to do with your pilot certificate. Pick a destination, an event (AirVenture, anyone?), a type of flying (aerobatic? floats?), a new skill, an air race, or a humanitarian flight. Picture that goal, and envision yourself smack in the middle of it, with a big smile on your face.

What’s on your aviation to-do list for 2014? Please share in the comments. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to do some flight planning.—Jill W. Tallman

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  • Joel

    finish my pilots license!

  • Frank KM

    I got started in aviation late in life even though I was hooked on it when I was four years old. I think the best and most enjoyable goal for me would to become a ground school instructor. I love all the information there is to learn about aviation and would like to share it with upcoming and new pilots. in 2014 I’ll start a course at Cypress College and work towards my Commercial Aviation degree.

  • http://cessnachick.com Caitlin

    Well, first I want to finish up my PPL this year (hopefully within a few weeks!) But for 2014, I’m not sure if financially I can do my Instrument Rating so I think I want to do some aerobatics and (maybe) my tailwheel endorsement. Also, I’ll take friends flying and help build up those 50 XC hours so when I’m able to do my Instrument Rating I’ll be ready.

  • Perry Nelson

    I’m studying for my Private Pilot’s license (at age 57). I hope to score well in all aspects, then enjoy the result and improve my skills. Then, sometime in the Spring or 2014, I want to study for my instrument rating.

  • Phil

    At 56 years old and after successfully fighting Cancer for the past 15 years I’m about to transition from a successful financial career to pursue a pilot license and hope to receive Commercial certification in about 2 years.

  • Andre Hansen

    I will be working on my instrument, commercial, multiengine and CFI in 2014!

  • http://alfredogarciarussi Alfredo Garcia Russi

    Thank you for all the info. about aviation you can send me.
    A dreamer

  • Anne Wright

    I’m going to get my add-on glider rating, and would love to learn mountain flying out west (I’m a flatlander, and know enough about mountain flying to know I don’t know enough to fly in the mountains yet).

  • Jason

    Looking forward to getting my PPL through 2014, goal is to have it done by May. I am presolo and am working through the landing plateau that I am currently facing.

  • Ron Wade

    My list has not changed much in last year still plan on Angel Flights, mercy flights (flights for a purpose) and Young Eagles. Much of my pleasure flying has been curtailed due to fuel cost as well as maintenance cost. Fuel cost as recent as 5 yrs ago was $2.50 / gal. National avg. today is $6.22. FAA is mandating ADSB by 2020 another expense to pilots. At age of 79 yrs. I find myself considering termination my enthusiasm for GA. Talk to FBO’s and find out how much our pleasure of aviation has declined.