Photo of the Day: Ford Tri-Motor

Ford Tri-Motor

Not only can you get a type rating in a Ford Tri-Motor (assuming you already have a private pilot certificate), but you can get a type rating in the very airplane shown in this photo. Barry Schiff did just that, and wrote about it in the May 2010 AOPA Pilot (“Tin Goose”).

The company, Ford Type Ratings, is located at Valle Airport near Flagstaff, Ariz. The full three-day type rating costs $10,900, not including the examiner’s fee. A second-in-command type rating is available for $2,900. Schiff called the experience “like flying the pages of history,” and I have to admit it looks like it would be a blast. Of course, you could always purchase a ride in a Tri-Motor at EAA AirVenture and sometimes at airshows. I’ve done that, and it’s a 15-minute slice of fun.—Jill W. Tallman

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  • Mark Hendrickson

    That would be a dream come true to fly a Ford Tri-Motor. My dad worked for TWA and always showed me pictures.

  • Dave Zichek

    I flew RH seat in the EAA Tri-Motor, while talking to the pilot I said boy you wouldn’t want fly into ice with this bird, he said got that right! (Up close the rudder and elevator cables run on the outside of the fuselage.)
    To me it flies like and over grown C172 provided all power levels set correct,landing speed was in the low 40’s, top speed was around 110 (MPH) back in that era 110 MPH was about 70 MPH faster than the average car, not to mention the average road was dirt and rough, now add rain and I would rather take a Tri-Motor for a long trip.
    Dave Zichek