The January “Since You Asked” poll: What element of landing an airplane is/was problematic for you?

No matter what we accomplish in flight training, nothing (it seems) quite eclipses the ability to nail a landing. Is it any wonder? Landing the airplane is probably the toughest part of flying it. (If you disagree, feel free to do so in the Comments section.)

So it was that our January digital poll asked the question in the title of this blog. The idea for the poll was sparked by the student pilot who wrote Rod Machado to ask for guidance on how to control the airplane during rollout. Rod was puzzled, and so he contacted the student to ask for some additional details. It turns out the guy had a shoe size  13-1/2. Aha! Rod theorized that the student was having difficulty properly placing his feet on the cockpit floorboard so as not to accidentally touch a brake pedal.

Mystery solved, I wondered what other types of problems with landing plague us. I could’ve guessed the outcome,  but here are the unofficial poll results to bear it out: It’s the flare.

  • 71 percent of respondents chose the flare as their problem area.
  • 14 percent of respondents said it was the sight picture.
  • 7 percent said the rollout.
  • 7 percent said other. (I’m curious to know what that might be–perhaps gauging your airplane’s height above ground?)

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  • Steve Lackscheide


    As a student who recently accomplished my first solo, I’ve certainly experienced all the issues noted above, including “other”!

    My most notable other involves compensating for a stout (greater than 7 knot) crosswind component on final. I’ve tried the wing-low, opposite rudder and the crab till short final and it’s like boxing with an invisible opponent!

    Right now, that’s my “other”. Thanks for your enjoyable columns.

    I’m sure that with enough

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