Airplane, SUV don’t meet cute

Another week, another YouTube video to pass along to the Flight Training blog readers. This one involves what looks like a Cessna 172 that struck an SUV while on short-short final to a nontowered airport in Texas. Sorry about the ad at the beginning of this clip (and if the video window does not work in your browser, you can click here), but I chose this version for a reason.

I’m not passing judgment on either the pilot or the driver of the SUV. But it’s a good object lesson for flying in and out of a nontowered airport where ground vehicles or pedestrians (or, for that matter, animals) may have pretty unrestricted access. It’s interesting to note that in this version of the video, the local news reported that the driver was traveling on a private road near the airport. A stop sign she was supposed to have seen was painted on the ground.—Jill W. Tallman

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  • John

    As a longtime pilot, I hate to be a spoilsport, but it looks from the pictures that a properly flown descent angle over the displaced threshold with a landing in a “normal” touchdown zone should have given plenty of clearance over any vehicle on that road, and the markings on the road pavement are obviously inadequate and probably not legal. I can see a student pilot making that mistake, but I certainly wouldn’t blame the driver of the SUV…

  • Clinton


  • Hector Jr.

    As a Student pilot my self I can agree with John in that the angle of decent was too shallow where it almost seemed that he would hit the fence and he also was going to touch down very close to the beginning of the runway something he could have avoided. But the driver of the suv is also at fault in that knowing full well they are crossing next in front of a run way, simply looking to the right he could have seen the airplane approaching and avoided crossing in front of it.