Tip of the week #3

Have fun.

I don’t care if you are learning to fly for pleasure or business, this is supposed to be fun. It’s supposed to be exciting to go to the airport and get in an airplane. Even if you are one of those students who is learning to fly because you are afraid of it, have fun.

Why the need to post something so obvious as this? Because it’s easy to forget. We’re a serious industry. Safety is serious. Airplanes are complex machines. We have regulations. And ramp checks (although seemingly not anymore). And nasty weather. But on those beautiful days when the sun is shining and the air is smooth, it simply doesn’t get better.

So, yes, training is hard sometimes. But there is an end. A wonderful, fulfilling end. Don’t forget that during stall practice number 851. After a couple of more mundane flights recently I got to fly a restored Super Cub on a beautiful day over fall foliage on a photo shoot for our January cover story. The fun doesn’t end.

Happy Friday.

–Ian J. Twombly

  • Sheri

    I keep growing as a person as I do things that scare me. Majority of the time, flying is a struggle for me to enjoy (as PIC) when all the possibilities of emergencies race through my mind. The more time I spend in the air, the more relaxed I get. I trust myself to know how to handle emergencies, or do I? I feel pumped with enthusiasm and proud of myself after every flight driving me to continue my journey. Time will heal this issue, I believe. I hope.

  • tallman

    Rod Machado addresses this very issue in his upcoming “License to Learn” column in the January issue of AOPA Pilot. If you don’t get Pilot with your membership, look for it online. –Jill W. Tallman