Photo of the Day: Beriev Be-103

Some airplanes turn heads on the ramp. This one undoubtedly makes all the boaters’ heads swivel–even those who are accustomed to seeing Piper Cubs on floats. The Beriev Be-103 is a light ampibian aircraft that hails from Russia. Some Facebook commenters expressed confusion about the placement of the wings, which are close to the water. Barry Schiff, who flew the airplane for AOPA Pilot magazine, says it performs and handles extraordinarily well on water. Those wings displace water to help keep the airplane float and take maximum advantage of ground effect during takeoff and landing–no flaps needed. Read more in Barry’s pilot report in the October 2004 AOPA Pilot.

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  • Eric Dobson

    Nice looking plane! The propeller looks a little stubby… interesting proportions. I also wonder how this thing is docked. Guess I’ll have to read the full report to find out!

  • Theofilos HAF
    Here you can find a very rare PDF comparative study of the two firefighters Canadair and Beriev-200.
    This 50 page product, has been writen by Constantinos Panitsidis, who has graduated from the Kiev
    International University of Civil Aviation as an Aircraft and Aeroengines Maintenance Mechanical
    Engineer and it costs only 3 euros!!!

  • Andrew Z.

    Theofilos, thanks for the shared PDF!