Photo of the Day: Go around!


We asked our Facebook friends, “When was the last time you did a go-around?” Answers ranged from “Today!” to “Never.” (Really? Never?) The discussion was enthusiastic as pilots shared the reasons behind the go-around: an animal on the runway; an aircraft that trundled out onto the runway; or some instances in which the pilot in command decided that the approach wasn’t working out. Interestingly, a side discussion developed on exactly what’s going on in this photo. Some folks seem to think we happened to be in the air when this happened. Bear in mind that Flight Training often stages situations to illustrate our articles—it’s rare when one of our highly skilled photographers “just happens” to be around—in an airplane—when a go-around occurs. Why is the airplane on short-short-short final so off-center? I’m guessing this photo didn’t make the cut precisely because the airplane was so far off the center line. And why was the airplane on the runway skewed to the right? Again, it’s not clear. Maybe the pilot taxied out so fast he spun out?—Jill W. Tallman

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  • Hannah Edwards

    I saw this picture and just laughed out loud. Even though this photo was staged, I’ve had the real thing happen to me before. The first time it happened I was a relatively new pilot and it was a little stressful.

  • Mark

    Why is the plane on the ground “skewed to the right”? It isn’t – if you look at the full size photo, you can see that the end of a taxi-way in the upper left corner – The plane had just entered the runway and was turning to it’s left to line up. (I’m assuming this was pointed out in the Facebook discussion – I’m not on FB so wouldn’t know.)