Chip Wright bio

My name is Chip Wright. Let me give you a little back ground about myself. I am a captain on the CRJ for Comair, a Delta Connection carrier, for whom I have flown for nearly 14 years. I have been flying since 1990, when I started taking flying lessons at Lee Airport in Annapolis, Maryland. I finished my private certificate the following summer at Bay Bridge airport (W29), on Maryland’s Kent Island, and it was there that I began accumulating the rest of my ratings: instrument, commercial (single and multiengine) and my CFI tickets. I also have a seaplane rating that I earned in Florida, and type ratings for the CRJ (technically known as the CL-65, the check ride for which is also the one that earned me my ATP) and the Boeing 737.

After teaching at W29 for two and a half years, I was hired on at Comair in 1996, where I flew the Embraer EMB-120 Brasilia as a first officer in Orlando, Florida. In 1998 I made the move to the CRJ, flying out of Cincinnati. In 2000 I upgraded to captain; I became a line check airman in 2007.

I wrote my first article for AOPA Pilot in 1998, and I have been fortunate enough to have been published many times since then in both Pilot and Flight Training. This blog is a new and interesting experience for me, as I will be writing more frequently and on a variety of topics, but the primary focus is to be aviation as a career, especially the regional airline industry, since that is where many of the current CFI’s will be going on the next leg of their journeys. While the career topic will be focus number one, it won’t be the only thing I discuss, as many aspects of safety and training cut a broad swath that we can all benefit from, from the sport pilot to the grizzled and veteran ATP.

I hope the comment section will require steady reading as you read my posts and offer comments, suggestions, questions, and even rebuttals to what I might (or might not) have to say. I would like this to be as much yours as it is mine, and so it will be an evolution in progress. If you have questions, topic suggestions, concerns, etc., please drop it in the comments section.

Here’s to safe flying, to blue skies, and to tailwinds!

  • Sandra McCarron

    Happy to have found your blog through an email from AOPA and suggest that you categorize and tag your posts so that more pilots and student pilots can find you.

  • Eugene A. Peterman

    Really enjoyed your Gone West article, Saying goodbye to my favorite pilot-Dad.

    Not a dry eye in this house.


  • Jim bell

    Thanks so for sharing great love in gone west article. Many tears of appreciation have surely and will continue to result.

  • Christopher Kidder

    Hello Chip,
    Just read your article on your father’s last flight. I appreciate you opening up and discussing your hero. My dad is my hero as well and I can remember the first time I took him up for a flight!

    Thank you again,
    Decatur, AL
    19 Jan 2013