A classic turns 75

Once upon a time, the Piper Cub was, quite simply, what you trained in if you were learning to fly. The ubiquitous Cub–so recognizable that people who have not the slightest interest in flying know it when they see it–turns 75 this year. Here’s a wonderful little video from Piper Aircraft that explains some of the history and magic behind the Cub.

It’s no surprise that the Piper Cub is holding its own in AOPA’s Favorite Aircraft challenge, and there are some who think it’ll win the top spot over the P-51 Mustang. If you’ve flown or are flying a Cub, please do us the honor of sharing some of your thoughts on this airplane in the Comments section.–Jill Tallman

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  • Lisa Martin

    I’ve owmed over 20 different aircraft. Liked them all. Always flew about 25 hours per year. Bought a PA18 Super Cub at the end of 2010. In 2011 I flew 230 hours. It’s just pure fun and freedom and the hourly costs are minimal. The Super Cub is my fav!

  • S.B. Weaver

    I’ve always loved the Cub, even before I was a pilot. And I can’t explain why….I just love the airplane.

    I’ve only flown a Cub twice, and both times with an instructor (an amazing instructor to boot). First time was for spin training, which was something I enjoyed a lot after I got over my initial fear.

    The second time ranks as the most amazing and enjoyable flight of my life. It was less than an hour; late on a hot August day with the sun setting over the farm fields of southwestern Ohio. To make it better, our home field is a grass strip (40I). And of course we flew the only way you can really fly a Cub—with the door down! Doesn’t get any better than that: a new pilot with a great instructor and friend, actually flying a plane that I’ve loved since I was a kid and only dreamed of flying, in the most beautiful setting I can imagine.

    In all seriousness….I was grinning so big my face hurt. Pure joy.