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Team Wilbur’s bumpy start

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

DSC00019I should have known better. The local reporter in Frederick asks which vehicle’s going to win the race and I made some joke about it not even being a race. “We’re in an airplane. It won’t even be close,” I said. Fifteen minutes later we were searching for a replacement tire for the one that blew while we were taxiing out. And being an LSA, this was no ordinary tire. About 20 phone calls later and John Rathmell, a Remos Demo Team pilot based at Lancaster, Va., secured us tires and tubes and even flew them halfway to us.

We had two new tires on (might as well do both) about 70 minutes later and we were off for Williamsburg. Ultimately I was glad we waited. The flight was beautiful–a great introduction to aviation for Motorweek’s Steve Chupnick.

Ninety minutes later we were in Williamsburg, and believe it or not, so were about a dozen folks who had waited all day for our arrival. It was a pleasant surprise.

We’ll have better travels Sunday on our way to Wilmington, N.C. And who knows, maybe we’ll even make an unscheduled stop or two on the way.

Guest blogger Ian J. Twombly and Motor Week’s Steve Chupnick are Team Wilbur in the AOPA Fun to Fly Road and Runway Rally, traveling to Florida for Sun ‘n Fun.–Jill W. Tallman