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Are you ready to Rally? (Road and Runway Rally, that is!)

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Today’s entry is from guest blogger Alyssa J. Miller, a commercial- and instrument-rated pilot. Alyssa is an editor for AOPA’s electronic publications, and she’ll be one of two AOPA staff pilots who is flying the Fun to Fly Remos in our upcoming Road and Runway Rally.–Jill Tallman

Spring training: Baseball players head to the field; other athletes sweat it out in the gym; pilots take to the sky. Thankfully, I’m a pilot! To shape up for AOPA’s Road and Runway Rally, I’m looking to maximize my time in the Remos GX, which I’ll fly part of the way from Frederick, Md., to Lakeland, Fla., in April.

But all of my prep time won’t be in the air. I’m studying the Remos POH and EFIS-D100 Pilot’s User Guide so that I’ll know the aircraft like the back of my hand.

 Here are the handicaps I’ll be working to overcome over the next couple of weeks: I have two hours of flight time in the Remos, and it’s my first time flying an aircraft with a glass cockpit (yes, I’ve been reluctant to make the switch).

I’ve gone through the check out and soloed the aircraft (see “Levitating LSA”). Its stalls are very docile; it has great glide performance, and it’s fun to land at every flap setting (from zero to 40 degrees). Chandelles and lazy 8s are a blast.

 Up next in my spring training: crosswind practice and emergency procedures. What else would you include in my rally preparations?