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Remos, Smart car in a dead heat for ‘fun factor’

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Finally, I got the keys to the Remos! After two long days in the Smart car, I was ready to exchange the traffic on I-95 for the peaceful airwaves. But, after a day in the airplane, I have to admit that I’ve had just as much fun in the Smart car as the Remos.

Judging the Smart car and Remos purely on the “fun” factor, I’d say they’re even. Both have their own quirks, are surprisingly comfortable, and can be fast when they need to be. And they get a lot of attention because they are still rather unusual.

 If it’s not windy, the Smart car can easily keep up with and pass traffic on I-95 (I’ll let those of you who have driven that route estimate the top speed!). If you don’t have a major headwind in the Remos, you can have ground speeds above 105 knots, not too far off from a Cessna 172. Both vehicles are fuel efficient, the car getting about 40 miles to the gallon, and the Remos burning four to five gallons per hour (about half the fuel consumption of a Cessna 172).

 But, there is one area in which the Remos surpasses the Smart car (really, it’s any airplane’s advantage over a car). You cut out the detours and go direct if you need to in order to meet a time constraint. Once you’ve altered plans in a car, it’s usually too late to turn back and go the other way. Either way, you are out of time. But with an aircraft, you can always (well, almost always) go direct to your next location.

 Today, the Remos helped Jason and I get to our destination not only on time, but 15 minutes early, despite our quest for adventure during our stops. Granted, we had to cut our plans from four stops to one, but it worked.

 We have one more adventure left in the Remos, so we’ll see if that edges it ahead of the Smart car. Right now, they are in a dead heat.