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Great Day Above the Bay

Sunday, November 15th, 2009

The Remos is at Chesapeake Sport Pilot, Bay Bridge Airport, across the Chesapeake Bay from Annapolis. The school is an approved Rotax repair station and an official Tecnam repair center.  So they know light sport aircraft like the Remos.  Took 1.1 hours, chocks to chocks, from Frederick, MD., AOPA headquarters. Jamie at Chesapeake Sport Pilot was able to use the maintenance manual that comes on a CD with every Remos. We also need the new-aircraft inspection and an oil change. There are 25.3 hours on YOUR Remos. We are already starting to hear from pilots about this being an aircraft they can afford to keep after they win it. Chesapeake Sport Pilot just opened a beautiful new office and hangar building–still smells new. I came home with a genuine CSP shirt. Beautiful day to fly above the bay. I arrived over Annapolis at 1,500 feet and then climbed to 2,800 feet to cross the five-mile-wide bay where there were maybe 100 sail boats and sail/power boats, and one huge empty cargo ship riding high out of the water.

An AOPA member, Charlii (he spells it with a double “i”) Miller, and Mac Brinckman, drove me all the way back to Frederick just as a favor. Thanks, Charlii. The two are students at Chesapeake Sport Pilot, with Charlie headed for a private certificate and Mac working on a sport pilot certificate. Charlie owns Environmental Consulting Services, Inc., in Delaware and Mac works there. They operate six or eight boats on the bay.  I added one more story to the “adventures of Charlii and Mac,” as Mac said. Another very happy fellow  at CSP passed his sport pilot six-hour checkride today. I know there is concern about the declining number of general aviation pilots, but these guys don’t seem to be aware of it. They’re too busy becoming pilots.